Cases against public entities can be very complicated. The laws are written in such a way as to discourage people with legitimate reasons from successfully resolving their claims. Public entity accidents are cases you need to act quickly and correctly. If not, the injured party can lose the rights to pursue a claim altogether. While the information below is to help you understand the issue better, the best thing to do is to have a reputable public entity accident attorney evaluate your accident as soon as possible.

Cases involving a public entity are very complex and are subject to many rules and regulations. These rules favor the negligent party, and harm you, the injured party. Every day we take calls from people who have been injured by a public entity, but we are no longer able to pursue their claim due to the brief “statute of limitations” on these types of cases. We urge you to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer specialized in public entity claims as soon as possible.

What Exactly Is a Public Entity?

A Public entity is any federal, state, or local government entity. The term is broadly defined and includes government corporations, agencies, authorities, and judicial officers. Public entity cases are personal injury claims in which you have been injured by the negligence of these entities.

If you are injured on local or federal government property, or by a government entity, or even a public employee acting within the scope of employment, you may file a claim against that entity. Common cases in San Francisco involve injuries acquired due to poorly maintained roads, slip or falls on government-owned property or auto accidents with city vehicles.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney?

Civil lawsuits operate differently when you are dealing with a public entity rather than a private entity. There are a number of things that make lawsuits in this category difficult to pursue, including immunities, the statute of limitations, restrictions on legal theories, and specific procedural and pleading rules. The most important of these is the statute, a deadline by which you have to file your San Francisco personal injury claim.

Statute of Limitations

Claims involving causes of action for death, injury to person, injury to personal property, and injury to growing crops must be filed within 6 months after a cause of action accrues.

This means that personal injury claims involving a public entity are extremely time-sensitive. However, there are no shortcuts. All procedures are to follow the book like any other personal injury cases, but there is far less time to do so. Our team at Bergener Mirejovsky has a proven track record of success and our accident attorneys are here to give you the freedom to breathe and the knowledge that your claim will need to be handled properly.

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