In California, dog bite victims have extensive rights for compensation from the dog owner, even if it was the animal’s first offense. An experienced San Francisco dog bite lawyer can protect you and your family from being taken advantage of by uncooperative animal owners or unresponsive insurance companies.

A top priority after a dog bite is to receive immediate medical attention. Secondly, it’s important to contact animal control. They may take further measures against the dog depending on the severity of attack or other biting incidents in the dog’s past.

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Though you may only hear about tragic animal attacks, even a small bite is good enough to pursue a claim. California has a strict liability law which means any bite, big or small deems the pet owner liable. However, this doesn’t mean navigating a claim on your own will be a simple task.

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of clients receive necessary medical treatment and compensation for pain and suffering after a dog bite.

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Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are many difficult questions that need careful calculations and proper answers to evaluate a dog bite case. Attempting to manage your injury claim by yourself can make you very vulnerable.

We can get you compensation for:

  • Lost Wages and Loss of Employment
  • Medical Bills and Future Therapy
  • Past, Present and Future Pain and Suffering
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Punitive Damages

Insurance companies may try and take advantage of you to avoid paying out the proper sum of damages. As unfair as it may appear, there are clever defenses they can use to devalue your case.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, we will make use of all the available resources to get you the compensation you need to balance your life again. Our accident lawyers know how to build a strong case against insurance companies. We take the demands for our clients seriously and want nothing but the best for you and your family.

Risk of Dog Bites in San Francisco

If you are living in San Francisco, you should be aware of the kind of danger you are exposed to from animals, whether they are strays or pets. There are more insurance claims for dog bites in California than any other state in the U.S.

Animal attacks, especially with dogs, occur more frequently in the summer months when pet owners let their dogs run freely with no leash. The number of emergency visits to hospitals due to dog bites and other animal attacks has increased dramatically, and some of the attacks are vicious enough to cause permanent, irreversible damage.

If you or a loved one was injured in a dog bite accident, contact us to get answers. There’s no extra cost to you and we’ll be happy to answer your call at any time.